Kathleen McGowan on the History Channel – Dec 4, 2013

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Shroud of Turin - Red

Kathleen McGowan on The History Channel

The Real Jesus – The Forbidden Scriptures

“I am honored and thrilled to have had such a huge role in the “Forbidden Scriptures” episode of the History Channel‘s new show, Bible Secrets Revealed. It was and is a dream come true to discuss openly these topics which would have all been cause for execution at so many times in the past 2000 years – the importance of Mary Magdalene as the keeper of sacred wisdom and the true successor of Jesus, Asherah as God’s female counterpart and equal, the benevolent nature of God. It is the first time on television, that I am aware of at least, for discussion of texts as controversial as the Testimony of Truth, the Apocalypse of Peter and the Life of Adam and Eve.

My heartfelt thanks to the History Channel and the producers at Prometheus Entertainment for allowing me to have such a strong presence and opinion on this show, and for being the sole “non-academic” voice in the mix.  If you missed the airing of “Forbidden Scriptures” last week, there will be an encore showing of it this Wednesday, December 4, prior to the new episode, “The Real Jesus.”  I am told that I appear in the new episode as well, but as yet I do not know in what capacity, so let’s watch and find out!”


The Real Jesus – Premiere Episode – December 4 at 10 PM ET

Shroud of Turin - Red

For billions of people around the world he is known as “The Son of God” — the Messiah — whose teachings have inspired one of the most powerful and influential religions in the world. Nearly everything we know about the life of Jesus comes from the four Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. But just how accurate are these sacred texts?…(find out more)

The Forbidden Scriptures – Watch Online

The Book of EnochThe books, gospels and epistles found in the Holy Bible are writings considered to be divinely inspired. But are there chapters of the Bible that are missing? Have stories been censored and characters deleted? And if so, just who decides what is included–and what is forbidden?…(watch it online)

Show Schedule:

(All are scheduled at 9PM CST)

“Lost in Translation” – November 13, 2013
“The Promised Land” – November 20, 2013
“The Forbidden Scriptures” – November 27, 2013
“The Real Jesus” – December 4, 2013
“Mysterious Prophecies” – December 18, 2013
“Sex and the Bible” – Date to be announced

Bible Secrets Revealed is produced by Prometheus Entertainment for The History Channel