Angels and Atlantis Brittany France – September 24 – October 3, 2014 Join bestselling author Kathleen McGowan for a magical journey to the sacred place that is believed by many to be the last known remnant of Atlantis on Earth. Further, the connection of this land with the Arch Angels is deep, mysterious and mostly

Mastery and Mysteries of Mary Magdalene In Southern France June 1 – June 8, 2014 In Southern France Join Kathleen McGowan and Rev. Cynthia James in a once in a lifetime journey to the land where Mary Magdalene lived and taught: the ancient and mystical Languedoc region of France.  Bestselling author Kathleen McGowan and globally beloved

Albert Bierstadt-Storm in the Mountains

Aliens and Mysterious Mountains Premiere Date:December 13, 2013 – 10:00-11:00PM ET     Shooting the “Mysterious Mountains” episode of this week’s Ancient Aliens for H2 and the History Channel had special meaning for me given that I spent my birthday this year hiking in the Himalayas.  As I trekked through the Anapurna Mountain range in Nepal


Aliens and The Lost Ark Premiere Date:December 06, 2013 – 10:00-11:00PM ET Indiana Kate says: It is always fun to appear on a hit show like Ancient Aliens, but this week’s episode on the Lost Ark is really special.  I am very excited to participate in bringing this new information about the Ark to the world. If

Shroud of Turin - Red

Kathleen McGowan on The History Channel The Real Jesus – The Forbidden Scriptures “I am honored and thrilled to have had such a huge role in the “Forbidden Scriptures” episode of the History Channel‘s new show, Bible Secrets Revealed. It was and is a dream come true to discuss openly these topics which would have all been cause for

Tamlane's Well

I have been bursting to tell you all about my new hybrid fiction project, a series I am calling LEGENDS OF THE DIVINE FEMININE with the first book in the series being based on the Scottish fable/fairy tale THE BALLAD OF TAM LIN. I have so much to reveal about it that I think the

Lily Moses - Archangel Michael

Flashback: October 1984 My best friend and I had been living in Dublin, trying to break into the world of journalism. We were 21 and in love with the wonder of the world. That said, our work and studies were heavy: we were devoted to understanding the war that was happenng in the North of


The moon is new and it is officially Imbolc, the ancient celebration of the first signs of Spring and the feast of Brigit, the goddess of inspiration, as well as the dynamic saint and abbess who knew a few things about multi-tasking and perseverance. I love this season where my odd upbringing of paganism and


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Château de Montségur

Some years ago while in Cathar country, I encountered an astonishingly beautiful man in Montségur. It was summer, and so hot, and he was shirtless as he climbed. He had the letters D E M O R I tattooed across his back, from shoulder to shoulder, in letters about 5 inches high. At the summit,

The Source of Miracles

The Source of Miracles: Seven Powerful Steps to Transforming Your Life Through the Lord’s Prayer “McGowan offers a unique perspective… many readers will discover new depths and dimensions in the age-old Lord’s Prayer.” – Publishers Weekly “A unique approach, inspiring both contemplation and reflection, and a compelling call to consider both the meaning and the